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The Department of Education produces this suite of tools to help educators make better-informed decisions, driving school improvement and student achievement. We regularly add new tools and features. To ensure that our applications meet users’ needs, we test our ideas with users before we build them. If you’d like to help us improve our tools by joining our pool of testers, please fill out our User-Testing Interest Form.

Latest Updates

September 2022: Insight Updates

All teachers from NYC district schools now have access to Insight! They can view their students’ data who are enrolled in their classes for the current school year.

Users can now view Acadience reading and math assessments data in Assessment Data Explorer to identify school-wide trends. Users can filter by Language of Instruction for students with IEPs. Users who support students in grades 6 to 12 can view historical advanced courses information for all subgroups and AP/IB exam scores of high school students.

May 2022: New functionalities available on Insight

Field staff and school leaders can now visit the Insight dashboards for aggregated “advanced courses” and “college and career” data. Users can filter students by economic disadvantage status, and field and central staff can also filter schools by State accountability status.

January 2022: School Quality Snapshot, School Performance Dashboard, and School Quality Guide have been updated with 2020-21 data for all schools including data from the NYC School Survey.

February 2021: StART has been updated to include the 2020 total cohort graduation rate for 2019-20.

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